Michelangelo's Personality


Michelangelo was often arrogant with others and was never satisfied with himself and thought that there was something that always needed to be improved. He saw art as showing his inner inspirations and he made inspirational figures and he created were full of emotions and details; each special in its unique way. For Michelangelo, he believed that sculptors were to free the forms that were already inside the stone. He believed that every stone had a sculpture within it, ready to be shown to the world.Overall Michelangelo was by all accounts an extremely touchy, proud, arrogant, and difficult man. Not only was Michelangelo sensitive and insecure about his family, his physical appearance, and his lack of education, but he was also deeply conflicted over his homosexuality. Although he strongly denied being homosexual, Michelangelo struggled with his sexuality throughout his life. Michelangelo had a reputation that he acted poor and said things that made people want to stay away from him. He said things such as he often "slept in his clothes and boots" which